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Featured Articles

These articles are some of my personal favourites. They don't necessarily fit into any of the categories below, but I feel like they deserve a special mention.

  • Risk - This post explores attitudes to risk in Eve, and serves as something of a rallying cry for a slightly more gung ho approach to PVP. On a personal level, the events discussed in this post marked quite a major change in my own attitude, and have significantly increased my enjoyment of PVP in the time since.
  • AAR - Ferox vs Interceptors - This was never intended as a major post, but in retrospect I think it's probably one of the more valuable things on the blog. This article examines a particularly interesting fight that I had, breaking down each decision that I made as the situation developed. The fight itself was nothing unusual, but the commentary gives some useful insight into the thought process that goes on during such an engagement, as well as how the decisions that you make can lead to a successful outcome against the odds.
  • Turret and Launcher Reference Chart (Low Res / High Res) - This is a handy reference chart to help when visually identifying turrets or launchers on a hostile ship. Knowing which weapons someone is carrying can tell you a great deal about how they're fit, and how they're likely to fly. Bookmark it in your in-game browser!

Know Your Enemy

Know Your Enemy is my flagship series, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of every ship in Eve. You can find the full list of articles over on the Know Your Enemy page.

New Player Guides

Eve can be daunting for a new player. Whether you're engaging in PVP or simply avoiding it, these articles are designed to help newcomers get their head around the basics.

Fleet Operations

Leading a fleet is one of the most challenging and rewarding things that you can do in Eve. These articles focus on how to be operate effectively as a fleet, whether that's as the fleet commander or otherwise.

    Client Setup

    A well configured client can help keep you informed and speed up your reaction time in those critical moments.

    Survival and Navigation

    Whether it's avoiding gatecamps or simply getting out of station, these articles cover the useful skills and techniques that will help you to stay alive in a hostile environment.

    Game Mechanics

    Figuring out how Eve works can be quite a challenge. These articles shed some light on the nuts and bolts of Eve.
     Live Testing - Including Scary Maths

    Gang Types and Tactics

    Sometimes it isn't what you do, but how you do it. In this section you'll find articles discussing specific tactics, both for solo and fleet PVP.

    Miscellaneous Articles

    These are articles which do not fall under any of the headings above, but which I like enough to include here!

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