Saturday 30 April 2011

Quick Tips - Cap Dumping

You enter a system in 0.0 where you have no bookmarks. The gate you want to warp to is off scan range from any celestial, and there are hostiles in local. How do you get within scan range of the gate without warping to it (and potentially straight into a camped bubble)?

The answer is Cap Dumping - this is the process of intentionally reducing your capacitor so that your ship can't quite complete the full warp and drops out part way.

The quickest way to do this is (starting from stationary), hit 'warp to' on the gate you want to go to, then immediately hit Ctrl + Space (which stops your ship). Watch how many bars of cap disappear. Then repeat that process as quickly as you can (Just hold ctrl down and keep spamming the warp button while mashing that spacebar) - your cap should quickly disappear. The aim is to stop when you've got just less than you need to make the whole warp (i.e. when your remaining cap is just lower than the amount that was taken off each time you hit warp). If you go past this point, no problem - just let your cap recharge slightly.

Once you think you have just less than the amount of cap you need, hit warp. You should see a message stating your ship has insufficient cap to complete the warp. If you don't see this message, STOP YOUR SHIP - you still have too much cap! If everything goes to plan, you should find your ship exits warp somewhere close to your exit gate. If it's a particularly long warp it can be hard to gauge it exactly, so you may need to repeat this process if you're not in scan range.


  1. But what do you do if you happen to have excellent cap skills (as in particular Amarr pilots are wont to do)?

  2. I have perfect cap skills and warp drive operation 5, and I've never had a problem. The key is to just do it quicky - you don't have to wait for your ship to respond to the warp/cancel commands before doing it again - just hit both buttons repeatedly as fast as you can.

  3. ...aaand to answer my own question (after doing some experiments):

    - Warp to the celestial furthest away from the target gate
    - Run as many cap-hungry modules as possible (MWD, Repairers)
    - Offline a module and online it again (cap must be 99% or better before doing this).

    But even so, my industrial alt ended up having only two or three seconds in which to initiate a cap-starved warp.

  4. Aaah - that's what I did wrong then, waiting for the ship to acknowledge my commands. Doh!

  5. Amazing tricks and tactics in Eve.

  6. I would add another thing that is obvious but may be worth mentioning for newer pilots (who knows where rookie pilot can be thrown by wormhole or something): after cap-starved warp begins (I mean, during warping itself) one should press ctrl+space to prevent ship from warping again after it reaches intermediate warp spot (ships will try to warp again after getting enough cap otherwise, wasting your trick). Another thing is that this can be used to create aligned bookmarks if you are afraid of getting caught.
    Thanks for the tip, by the way! :)


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