Tuesday 29 January 2013

Turret and Launcher Reference Chart v2

A while back, I published a reference chart to help people visually identify different weapon systems.

Being able to do this quickly can be a really useful skill - it lets you figure out roughly what someone's fit might be before you actually engage them, and can help you decide the best way to proceed in a fight. Recognising the difference between blasters and railguns, or medium and small guns on a cruiser, is likely to have a significant difference on the range you want to engage at or even whether you want to take the fight at all. Even different calibre guns within the same class can give you an idea of what other modules your opponent might be fitting (for example a rupture with 425mm autocannons will generally be shield fit, while dual 180mm autocannons suggests a heavy armour tank).

The original chart didn't include capital weapons, and I've since had a few requests to add them in. There have also been a couple of name changes which made the old chart potentially misleading, so I figured it was time for an update!

Have a browse through the chart, and then try looking at a few ships in space and see if you can figure out what they're fitting!

As before, I've also produced a high-res version suitable for printing.

Wednesday 16 January 2013

Scram Tacklers - Taranis v Enyo

I was browsing the Eve Uni forum a couple of days ago, and someone asked the apparently straightforward question:

Which makes the better scram tackler; the Enyo or the Taranis?

I originally set out to give a fairly straightforward answer about how the Combat Interceptors don't really have a role any more and AFs are probably the better choice, but made the mistake of trying to back that up with some real numbers. An hour or so later, I'd not only written an extensive analysis which went well beyond what I'd intended but I'd also managed to prove my original answer wrong in the process! It's not necessarily the most robust analysis and it does contain an unhealthy dose of EFT warrioring, but where possible I've tried to put things in a realistic context. Either way, I thought the whole thing was pretty interesting, so I've tidied it up a little and republished it here for your reading pleasure.

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Tusker FFA #2 - Prizes

Prizes for the second round of the Tusker Frigate(/Destroyer) FFA have been announced!

After the success of the first event expectations were high, but I'd say the night delivered. Six hours of constant PVP, thousands of ships destroyed (including a carrier and a freighter full of goodies), countless free ships handed out for glorious exploding (seriously, we had so many that we had to use every division of our corp hangar to prevent it lagging out), and once more, billions of isk in prizes!

You can find the full details of the event here.

That was some firepower... (Top number of kills in a Destroyer hull)Talwar x7Gorski Car
Going rogue.. (Final blow JUST before event starts)Dramiel x1Hanssollo
This one, he has promise (Most kills for new character)Navy Megathron x1Redamok Houssa
Like a boss (First Venture lost)Venture x20 Mattias Kerensky
Lacks honour, must find it (Flew only sniping ships)Amarr Shuttle x50AkJon Ferguson
I think you're missing something. (Flew Stealth Bomber without a Cloak)Covops Cloak x5Brick Clay
Maybe this'll last longer.. (Lost the first Assault Frigate)Navy Augoror x1Axis Mikels
Apex Predator (First new character to get on Tusker killmail)Daredevil x5Speissi Song
Going for a spin... (First Federation Navy Comet lost)Navy Comet x5Jack Valley
Those frills.....are mine! (First young character to kill Rixx Javix)Vagabond x1Ivan Butz
What am I covered in? (Top damage on Legionnaire's Freighter (Young Pilot))Ashimmu + Cruor x5Elrandir of Arnoria
What...is this? Perhaps this might work better.. (First one to fly a fail fit Exequror)Navy Exequror x1 SeaElder4
Next time I'll get away! (Died as the event finished)Ares x5 Bleyddyn apRhys
You can't fly that.... (Assisted the take down of Rogue IN Slicer)Navy Slicer x5Sara Lucheni
Needs more speed! (First Firetail loss)Claw x5 Garw'in
Born to be wild (Most losses)Daredevil x5Ghanar Drraba
I'm prickly (First young person to lose a Succubus)Phantasm x1Void Metachron
This one, he has honour (Only member of his alliance to fly solo during event)Coercer x10Doctorkaba

Thursday 10 January 2013

Lowsec Survival Guide

The most common mistake that a new player can make on their first trip into low security space is to vastly underestimate the risk that's involved. An equally large number of people set out believing the polar opposite; that a trip into lowsec might be tantamount to suicide! The truth is that lowsec is dangerous - other players will actively hunt you, and you need to keep your wits about you at all times - however with some simple precautions even a new player can enjoy the excitement of lowsec life. In this article I'll explain the basics of how to survive and thrive in this hostile environment.

Tuesday 8 January 2013

Quick & Dirty - BC Changes

I was working on another post for tonight, but then Fozzie went ahead and published the proposed battlecruiser changes. I'm not going to spend too long on the ramifications since these are still open to modification (and likely will change again to some extent before they go live), but here's a quick rundown:

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