Saturday 25 February 2012

Video - Introduction to the Directional Scanner

While we're on the subject of plugging videos, I'm happy to unveil the second of Agony's instructional videos, this one by written and presented by Greygal.

The directional scanner is a really important tool to master and is one that I've written about before. Greygal's video goes into a fairly high level of detail and I strongly recommend a viewing for anyone interested in scouting and skirmishing. It's a long one at 22 mins, so make sure you've got a little time before you sit down to watch it!

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Video - This is Syndicate

Temprial of Agony Unleashed recently put together the following video, and I'm really impressed by what he's done with it. This isn't your average PVP video - you'll see no UI, no zoomed out white squares at 150% speed, no killcounters or commentary. This is something a lot more cinematic, more about the beauty and feel of Eve rather than trying to capture a particular fight or any mad skillz.

While some of the shots were staged, the majority of the video was taken during actual PVP while roaming around Syndicate, all within a fairly short timeframe (how Temp managed to fight effectively while constantly turning his UI off is anyone's guess). You'll probably notice a few shots from the recent Syndicate Tournament too!

It starts off pretty slow, but I like that about it. For those of you who prefer some action, the second half will be a little more up your street.

Oh, and don't watch it on the blog - go to the actual youtube link and watch it big. It deserves it.

Edit: You can also find it on eve files here (also fixes the music change at the beginning).

Monday 20 February 2012

Damage Types in PVP

If you've ever done PVE in Eve (which let's face it, you probably have), you'll have learned early on which damage types are put out by which rats. When you have an idea of which opponents you'll be facing, this can be incredibly useful in ensuring that your tank is up to scratch. In PVP things tend to much less predictable, however there are still occasions when you might be going into a fight with a reasonable idea of what your opponent will be bringing (or at the very least, you'll know once you encounter them and will need to make a quick decision as to whether an engagement is a good idea or not). For this, understanding which damage types you're likely to face when engaging a particular player ship can be very useful knowledge.

Tuesday 7 February 2012

Drones vs Frigates

A corpmate and I were recently discussing which drones to use for killing frigates in a bait cruiser. The ship in question had a 40m3 drone bay and he had until then been using a mix of mediums and lights, however I mentioned that a flight of light drones would probably still deal more damage even though the target was heavily webbed. The basis for this is that despite the target being almost stationary, the orbit of the drones themselves would cause medium drones to miss a large proportion of their shots, giving them a lower actual damage output than the more consistent light drones.

We quickly realised that while we each had our own opinions, neither of us had really tested it to find out for sure. To settle the argument once and for all, I decided to jump onto SiSi and do exactly that!

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