Wednesday 31 October 2012

Tusker Frigate FFA - Prizes

While I wasn't able to make it myself, the Tuskers Frigate FFA last weekend appears to have been an incredible success. With over two thousand kills in four hours and over 150 particpants in local at any given time, most of the people who I've spoken to have called it one of the best, if not the best, PVP experiences that they've ever had.

As promised, we've now announced the lucky winners of our fairly extensive range of prizes. What's more, these aren't just limited to participants - some of our 'guests' have also received prizes just for coming along and making the event what it was, so go ahead and check out the prize list to see if your name is on it.

Prizes are below, or you can find the the original list here. Prizes will be contracted from Jita 4/4 in almost all cases.

And my wolf pack... it grew by oneNewest Tusker to join inWolf5Jude Lloyd
I think I like how this web works….First person to fly a DaredevilVigilant1CPTBUDDMANIAC
Looks like they had some spares…..Most Thrasher killsThrasher 20Yamoto Grotto
Thrasher 20Saidra Whitewolf
Thrasher 10Radgette
I don't need no stinking tank…..Flew Atron with least tankTaranis2Yamoto Grotto
Versatility is the name of the game….Flew all 4 races worth of shipsSFI5Russel Owen
Hand in hand with FalconFlew an ECM boatSabre1space chikun
Move swiftRifter with most speed modsFiretail20Bayan Merkid
All talk, no actionMost disappointing participationPhantasm1Poetic Stanziel
The capacitor is empty is a lie…..Gankiest ExecutionerOmen Navy1Redamok Houssa
I like the feel of this….Top damage on Legionnaire's MegaNavy Mega1Gothmog VanMorgoth
Missiles and speed go hand in hand…..Condor with most damage & speedMalediction2Morticia Sable
Slice 'n' Dice - BushidoMost Dramiel killsSlicer25Redamok Houssa
Imagine the potential…..Most ASBs on KestrelHawk5FinalKnight
Look how tanky I am…..Tankiest MerlinHarpy5Jessica Danikov
Drones are the name of the gameMost Ishkur killsGila1Rouge the Bat
Need backup, overMost FN Comet lossesFN Comet5Bogdan Yassavi
En-your-face!Most Enyo kills in a blaster boatEnyo5Naoru Kozan
Runs far, runs fastLooted the PLEX and got away with itDramiel5Ouoman
Born to be wildMost lossesDaredevil5Eli Green
There's always one…..Only person to lose a unique frigateCynabal1Janos Audronn
Honour is strong in this oneMost ECM killsCoercer50Siuil A'run
So many mids……..First Helios killHookbill20Edward Tivruskii
Continue with the operation;
you may fire when ready.
Most kills in a Laser boatNavy Geddon1Redamok Houssa
Early Bird Catches the Worm!First blood!Worm5Renai Buren
Luck of the drawRaffleNavy Vexor

Sunday 28 October 2012

What To Fit - Slasher and Condor

A request that I get a lot regarding my Know Your Enemy articles is to include specific fits for each ship. Rather than make those already long articles even longer (which I'd really have to do to do it justice), I've decided to start a separate series looking at how to fit various ships. This post is the first in that new series, provisionally titled 'What To Fit' (WTF)* and we'll kick off by looking at two new, and very similar, ships - the Minmatar Slasher and the Caldari Condor.

Tuesday 16 October 2012

The Tuskers Present: Frigate FFA

When: 27th October from 2000 - 2400 Eve Time
Where:  Jovainnon, Verge Vendor
What: Frigate Free-For-All
Why: Awesome prizes!

Thursday 11 October 2012

Quick Plug: Kiting and Counter-Kiting Guide

So the new private PVP training I've been offering has proved very popular. So popular in fact that of the last seven days, I spent five of them training various different groups and individuals (leading to some rather late nights and one very early morning)!

The offshoot of this is that the posts I currently have almost ready to go have remained almost ready to go for the last week and I haven't had a chance to finish them. I should be able to change that now that I have some free time again, but for those of you who've been hungering for something to read I do have a couple of links that might interest you.

Petrus Blackshell over at Accidentally the Whole Frigate recently published two very interesting guides: one on how to kite, and one on how to counter kiting. The main focus of these posts is on kiting frigate combat, so whether you've been wondering how to do it or just wishing you had some way of finally catching that annoying Navy Slicer, I recommend you give them a read.

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