Tuesday 16 October 2012

The Tuskers Present: Frigate FFA

When: 27th October from 2000 - 2400 Eve Time
Where:  Jovainnon, Verge Vendor
What: Frigate Free-For-All
Why: Awesome prizes!

We (The Tuskers) recently received a sizeable donation from a former member who will be leaving the game. His only request was that we use the money to help get more new players into PVP, and we'd like to kick that off by hosting a frigate FFA open to the entire Eve community.

This will be a newbie-friendly event, with a large number of prizes up for grabs. While anyone at all can take part, the biggest prizes will be saved for those players who're less than 12 months old.

We're opening this event up to anyone who'd like to take part - just come to Jov and join the party.

RULES (may be subject to change)
- No podding
- No ECM (including drones)
- No cloaks
- No boosting alts
- Limited to T1 Frigates from 20:00 to 22:00, after that any frigates can be used.
- Reshipping is allowed (and encouraged - bring plenty of ships!)
- Warping off is allowed (but no warping to gates/stations/safe spots unless you're reshipping or leaving the event - this makes it more fun, and avoids people dying to gate/station guns if they've gone flashy).

Anyone not following these rules won't receive any prizes, and will instead receive our best "I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed" expressions (also we might gank you).

Exact prizes are their criteria are still to be announced, but I expect there to be plenty of them!

You can find the full details here. If you'd like more information, drop into The Tuskers Public Channel in game.

Elite PVP Warning: Obviously this is a publicly announced event, and there will probably be some 'creative' types who are bad at frigates/life and decide to turn up in something else in the hopes of glorious t1 frigate killmails. We at the Tuskers recognise that frigate PVP is the only true form of PVP for the discerning internet battle warrior, and the use of smartbombing BS and sniper 'nados against our intrepid newbies represents dishonour of the most extreme variety.

We recommend making use of minor and medium plexes to avoid such dishonourable combat, and should such elite participants happen to show up you're welcome to respond to them as you please - blob them, ignore them, deploy glorious Falcon alt ECM and so forth. Because you know, screw those guys!

PS Don't worry Fweddit I still love you


  1. I'm aiming to come and lose 0-6 at this. Sounds like a laugh and I need the experience. In honour of it being 10 years since the Libertines first album I'll be naming all my ships after their songs. Actually its mainly because I'll be getting trashed more than Pete Doherty.

  2. Hmmm, go to birth of child or attend FFA. This, sir, is a tough choice!

    1. Try both. At the same time.

    2. Karmu Ivanostrov26 October 2012 at 14:50

      Congrats on that!! Frigates will explode to celebrate such a fine day!

      I wish I could attend.. but will be away from home.. Maybe next one

  3. Buy 'em some frigates and get them entered, problem solved!

  4. Dernarius Starariur21 October 2012 at 09:22

    Just as my sub ended because no irl isk. Oh well.

    I'm just wondering how many RvB people are showing up.

  5. I always wanted to have a poetic stanziel killmail

  6. Looking forward to this.

    Will be attending & have pimped this to RvB quite a bit too, hoping more of us show up in force.


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