Know Your Enemy

Being able to quickly assess what an opposing ship might be capable of is a crucial skill for any small gang or solo PVPer. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the ship(s) that you're up against is critical to making an informed decision, and is perhaps one of the biggest factors that will contribute towards your success or failure in PVP.

Know Your Enemy is the flagship series of this blog, designed to answer exactly that question. In each article I'll explore a different class of ships - what each ship is capable of, how they tend to be fit, and how you might go about fighting one.

Where possible, these articles are based on my own experiences and those of other players. I'll try to include some ballpark stats where I can*, but context is everything and I'd advise against basing your opinion on numbers alone.

The ultimate aim of this series is to cover every subcapital ship in the game. However with the amount of balancing work going on at the moment, many of the original articles have become outdated and I'm currently in the process of updating articles as the balancing continues. While I'll try to get new articles out relatively soon after each round of balancing, expect some delay while I wait for the meta to settle down after each set of changes.

You can find the full list of current Know Your Enemy articles below. For guides and analyses on other topics, check out the main Articles and Guides page.

T1 Ships 

T2 Ships

Faction Ships 

Old KYE Articles

The posts below are currently outdated due to ship balancing changes, and some of the content may be inaccurate. They will eventually be updated as and when I get the time. 

* Unless stated otherwise, all stats are based on level V skills without any fancy implants, gang links, or heat.

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