Saturday 26 November 2011

Know Your Enemy - Pirate Cruisers

Unlike the navy faction cruisers which lie somewhere between their t1 and t2 counterparts, the pirate faction cruisers are the true alpha males of the cruiser line. Pirate cruisers tend to be fairly front-loaded, with high damage outputs, good range dictation abilities and moderate tanks. Like the pirate frigates their abilities vary quite significantly, incorporating features of both of their chosen races (for the most part, they have the same bonuses and general characterstics as their frigate and battleship counterparts). While navy cruisers tended to be simply powered up versions of existing ships, some of the pirate cruisers offer unusual bonuses and exotic combinations of tank and weaponry that aren't really found elsewhere.

At the time of writing, most of these ships are quite rare in PVP (and in PVE for that matter), with the exception of the cynabal which tends to be very popular.

Sunday 20 November 2011

Back Home

And after three weeks of upside-down antics, I've now returned safely (if slightly reluctantly) to the cold, damp and dark of the North. I had a great time, and I strongly recommend the trip down under to anyone who gets the chance - it's a long way from almost anywhere, so I know such opportunities don't come often or to everyone.

I've been on complete comms-blackout since I left (partly out of practicality since most of my destinations were fairly remote, and partly out of choice) so to those who left comments, questions or offers to meet up while I've been away - sorry for not responding.

Anyway, enough about me - you're probably here to read about spaceships, and this post is severely lacking in those! Thankfully you shouldn't have to wait long - as I mentioned before I left, I have a few new articles ready to go live in the imminent future. In the meantime, forgive me as I take a little while to adjust to timezone and temperature!

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