Saturday 25 February 2012

Video - Introduction to the Directional Scanner

While we're on the subject of plugging videos, I'm happy to unveil the second of Agony's instructional videos, this one by written and presented by Greygal.

The directional scanner is a really important tool to master and is one that I've written about before. Greygal's video goes into a fairly high level of detail and I strongly recommend a viewing for anyone interested in scouting and skirmishing. It's a long one at 22 mins, so make sure you've got a little time before you sit down to watch it!


  1. Nice...

    Mastering the Directional scanner is crucial.

    I also did a video about it here:

  2. Excellent video. And btw, the narration is brilliant, what a great voice. The youtube comment posters are on crack. (I guess that is sort of redundant.) Will definitely be passing this one along.



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