Tuesday 15 January 2013

Tusker FFA #2 - Prizes

Prizes for the second round of the Tusker Frigate(/Destroyer) FFA have been announced!

After the success of the first event expectations were high, but I'd say the night delivered. Six hours of constant PVP, thousands of ships destroyed (including a carrier and a freighter full of goodies), countless free ships handed out for glorious exploding (seriously, we had so many that we had to use every division of our corp hangar to prevent it lagging out), and once more, billions of isk in prizes!

You can find the full details of the event here.

That was some firepower... (Top number of kills in a Destroyer hull)Talwar x7Gorski Car
Going rogue.. (Final blow JUST before event starts)Dramiel x1Hanssollo
This one, he has promise (Most kills for new character)Navy Megathron x1Redamok Houssa
Like a boss (First Venture lost)Venture x20 Mattias Kerensky
Lacks honour, must find it (Flew only sniping ships)Amarr Shuttle x50AkJon Ferguson
I think you're missing something. (Flew Stealth Bomber without a Cloak)Covops Cloak x5Brick Clay
Maybe this'll last longer.. (Lost the first Assault Frigate)Navy Augoror x1Axis Mikels
Apex Predator (First new character to get on Tusker killmail)Daredevil x5Speissi Song
Going for a spin... (First Federation Navy Comet lost)Navy Comet x5Jack Valley
Those frills.....are mine! (First young character to kill Rixx Javix)Vagabond x1Ivan Butz
What am I covered in? (Top damage on Legionnaire's Freighter (Young Pilot))Ashimmu + Cruor x5Elrandir of Arnoria
What...is this? Perhaps this might work better.. (First one to fly a fail fit Exequror)Navy Exequror x1 SeaElder4
Next time I'll get away! (Died as the event finished)Ares x5 Bleyddyn apRhys
You can't fly that.... (Assisted the take down of Rogue IN Slicer)Navy Slicer x5Sara Lucheni
Needs more speed! (First Firetail loss)Claw x5 Garw'in
Born to be wild (Most losses)Daredevil x5Ghanar Drraba
I'm prickly (First young person to lose a Succubus)Phantasm x1Void Metachron
This one, he has honour (Only member of his alliance to fly solo during event)Coercer x10Doctorkaba


  1. Big thanks to you guys for running this. Sadly I wasn't able to come, hopefully I'll be there next time.

    Well done to everyone who won prizes.

  2. Thank You !
    Big thanks to all Tuskers for this event and special thanks to Azual Soll for inspiring me to use combat exequror.

  3. I was only able to come for an hour, but as the first one it was awesome -- and I got my first solo killmail! Thanks to the Tuskers for organizing and putting on the event!


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