Monday 5 December 2011

Video - Tracking and Spiralling

(Updated Jan 7th 2012)

For those of you who are familiar with Agony's public PVP classes, you'll know our PVP-Basic class covers a shedload of theory. A lot of it many of the students already know, and at around 5 hours it takes up a huge chunk of time which could be spent more productively by actually PVPing.

For this reason, we're currently undergoing a project to convert the whole theory portion of that class into a series of high quality video lectures, which students can watch in their own time. These will be publicly available, meaning anyone can watch them - even people who have no interest on coming on our classes.

I recently finished working on the first of these, and I'd like to share it with you. Obviously PVP-Basic is just an instroductory class for players who are new to PVP, so I expect most of my readers here will already be familiar with everything in these videos. Perhaps you know someone who will benefit from them, who knows. What I would absolutely appreciate is any feedback you have on them, be it content, format, presentation, etc. The whole series will probably include somewhere between 8 and 10 videos of similar length to this one, so I'm fully execting they will improve as I go on.

Update: I've updated the video based on initial feedback as well as some of my own thoughts looking back on it. The biggest change is that I've now included a section on optimal and falloff, meaning all of the turret mechanics are in a single video (this did require cutting down the spiralling section slightly to keep the length reasonable, but most of the audio content is still there).


  1. Thanks! Now I know, how resolution of bigger guns affects frigates.

  2. Very well done - Clear and slickly produced. Look forward to the rest of them.


  3. Nice work, thanks! Keep em comin!

  4. very nicely done, this is something I have heard a lot about but seeing how its done makes it so much easier to understand

  5. Brilliant, very clear to see and the audio is great quality. A fairly complex subject matter covered quite efficiently.

    I need to talk to you about this!

  6. Wow, very nice production qualities.

  7. Superb work.

    If only CCP would take a leaf out of your book when they're looking at their own tutorials... I think player retention would get a hell of a boost.

  8. Excellent work and quality Azual. Can't wait for the rest of the series to go live.


  9. This was excellent and I can't wait to see the rest of the series!

  10. Very nice work! I'll be pointing corp mates at these videos for sure

  11. Excellent. Sending a link to the corp now

  12. Excellent!!
    Could you make a vid on how to manual pilot with a vagabond or a slicer???

    (and general nano piloting, keeping range and how to defend vs a slingshot and so on)

  13. Very well done. Couple suggestions:
    1. With the new graphics showing misses I'd recommend an over head video so that there is a clear visual representation of the misses (not just damage displayed)
    2. During the example with the three ships orbiting the harbi, I'd also recommend an over head view to actually show the ships orbiting. (Again to have a visual representation, not just the numbers)
    3. Include a graphic showing how the shots randomly hit within the signature resolution then compare it to the ships signature radius.
    4. You may want to explain the draw back of the MWD signature increase earlier, and note why the AB would/could be the better choice.

    CCP used to have a cool explanation/demo of this.

  14. Thanks for the suggestions. I was actually planning to include an overhead cam for the spiralling demo alongside the first person one, but I had some problems with FRAPsing two clients at once so had to do without.

    Regarding your point 3, that deserves a more detailed explanation...

  15. Awesome video, but id agree, you should probably point out earlier and clearer, that a MWD on anything but an interceptor offers no protection from damage at all, as the increases in angular velocity and sig radius cancel each other off in the hit calculation. And thats assuming one could translate 5 times the max speed into 5 times the angular velocity.

  16. One of the later videos (which will actually be earlier in the sequence) includes a section on the advantages and disadvantage of MWDs vs Afterburners, which will probably cover that. I agree that it should probably be mentioned in this video too though - I might edit it in.

  17. If it is covered in a earlier video, you could limit it to as a reminder, or note. You wouldn't need to redefine the mechanics. You could simply say something like,
    "As a reminder activating your MWD increases your signature radius, an increasing your opponents chances to hit you."
    Most good lesson plans in adult education will have a portion dedicated to reinforcing previously learned concepts and/or skills.

  18. Succinct and concise, great video. Thank you.


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