Saturday 2 February 2013

Considering Joining the Tuskers?

As you might have heard, we at The Tuskers have undergone a little internal organisation recently. Legendary pirate and Tusker founder Ka Jolo has stepped aside to focus on RL events, handing over the reins to long-time director and FC Suleiman Shouaa. Sulei has been all but running the show for some time, so I'm confident that the corp is in good hands and things are definitely looking good for the future.

One of the outcomes of this change is that we're going to be taking a slightly more targeted approach to recruitment.Initially we're looking for ten new Tuskers from any timezone to join our ranks. After that, we'll likely be switching the focus to bring in applicants with specific skills and experience, or who play in a particular timezone.

If you've got a strong desire for solo PVP, like the idea of a life of piracy, and think that you've got what it takes to be a Tusker, consider putting in an application. You can find out more about us (as well as our current recruitment situation) by visiting our website or clicking that new image over on the right hand side of the blog. ->

Feel free to also drop into The Tuskers Public Channel in-game, where you'll find plenty of members, friends, and general hangers-on to answer your questions and tell you just what nice guys we are! (Honest)


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