Thursday 27 December 2012

Tuskers Frigate FFA - Part Deux

Hey there space friends! While I spent the last few weeks falling down mountains with plastic strapped to my feet, the rest of the Tuskers have been busy organising you a belated holiday gift. On Saturday 5th January from 1800 - 2400 eve time, we will be hosting the second round of our infamous Frigate FFA.

If you didn't hear about the last one the Tusker Frigate FFA is a huge frigate brawl, last time lasting featuring over two thousand kills with upwards of 150 participants at any given time. Not only do you get hours of non-stop combat, but thanks to a generous donation from former Tusker I Legionnaire, we also have billions of isk worth of prizes to hand out! Check out the prize haul from last round to give you an idea.

The format for this round will remain roughly the same, except for a few small changes. Firstly, we're extending the event from four to a whole six hours of frigate mayhem! We're also extending the event to include destroyers from 2100 onwards, giving you a chance to put some of Retribution's new murderboats through their paces. You can find the full details of the event here.

The choice of system for this round will be announced 48 hours before the event begins. Don't fear though, the Tuskers will be offering a courier service for anyone who needs ships and modules moved into place, and will also have plenty of fitted ships available to those who need them.

See you there!


  1. Sounds like the FFA is much more successful at attracting player interest than the NEO.

  2. Would like to give this a try. Good to practice my weak pvp skills lol, and having ships there toare buy will help alot.

  3. Bah, 2 days before I get back home from holiday :(

  4. Forgive me if this was out of place. I gave the forum post linked to here, a link in Reddit.

    I heard about the first one there, had a blast dying in a fire, even if I had only been playing eve one month. Learned some things. Plan to be at this one for a bit too.

    1. Not at all, feel free to spread the word!

  5. Stream it please.

    2 ideas, really.
    Ask a few players to stream their fights.

    Or..much more easier,
    Send an invite to players who routinely stream to swing by and check it out. Give them a some free ships and they'll stay around and you get exposure.
    Noticed on twitch a couple new EVE streams, will be fun for them too. People will watch it, guaranteed. Maybe even jump into their and chat with'

  6. I have about a dozen frigates and destroyers that I will be throwing into the fire.

  7. Tremendous event! Thanks to Tuskers for organizing and running the event, and handing out all those T1 fitted frigates.

    To the pod-killers, you stay classy.

  8. Nythyrra Me-Varra6 January 2013 at 11:32

    Outstanding event. Not only did I get a solid six hours of explosions, I got to try a wide variety of ships in a lot of unpredictable situations. Not only amazing good fun, but an excellent learning experience, too. A big thank you to the Tuskers for all their hard work.

  9. Sadly I missed this one because Goons and Test can't leave Providence alone for just one evening [shakes fist]


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