Wednesday 22 February 2012

Video - This is Syndicate

Temprial of Agony Unleashed recently put together the following video, and I'm really impressed by what he's done with it. This isn't your average PVP video - you'll see no UI, no zoomed out white squares at 150% speed, no killcounters or commentary. This is something a lot more cinematic, more about the beauty and feel of Eve rather than trying to capture a particular fight or any mad skillz.

While some of the shots were staged, the majority of the video was taken during actual PVP while roaming around Syndicate, all within a fairly short timeframe (how Temp managed to fight effectively while constantly turning his UI off is anyone's guess). You'll probably notice a few shots from the recent Syndicate Tournament too!

It starts off pretty slow, but I like that about it. For those of you who prefer some action, the second half will be a little more up your street.

Oh, and don't watch it on the blog - go to the actual youtube link and watch it big. It deserves it.

Edit: You can also find it on eve files here (also fixes the music change at the beginning).


  1. Such a great video, sometimes you need video's like this to show off the game a bit. Makes me fall in love with it all over again!

  2. (how Temp managed to fight effectively while constantly turning his UI off is anyone's guess)

    "effectively" is debatable....... :)

    Thanks for the Plug.

  3. You know, I've been watching this vid from time to time over the last few weeks, and aside from the awkward musical break after the opening credits I think this is darn near perfect. CCP could put some brand names on this and run it as an ad on some game-oriented cable stations; might be one of the best investments they could make, if they could run the whole thing end-to-end. Best ad I've ever seen for the game hands down. Nice work.

  4. Thanks for the praise.

    I too am a bit miffed that I missed that awkward musical break at the start, happned when I edited something else, and re rendered the project, thinking all will be well because I have only changed something at the end.
    Teaches me to check the whole thing when I edit in future.

    I do actually have a version that sorts that, set as private on you tube, but by that time the EVE o thread was up and it was getting views, so decided against putting to Public.

    I may upload that version to EVE files.


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