Friday 13 January 2012

EveSwarm - Small Gang PVP is Dead

Just a quick bump for an article that's just gone up over on EveSwarm, featuring Agony's own Glepp.

It's a good read, and sheds some light on the reality (as well as the common perceptions and misconceptions) regarding small gang PVP.

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  1. Small gang pvp isent dead by far, just had a good fight with a Test drunk fleet a few days ago.

    But actualy getting a GF is rather hard to come across, I went roaming trough synidicate about 2 months ago in a gang os 12 BC's and recons, we saw 3 other roaming small gangs consisting of about 10-15 people each, yet none of the would engadge us. One even ran to a near by station and up graded to about 10 BS and 5 logi to come back and kill us, but being more mobile we wernt having any of that.

    0.0 gangs hate to lose ships it seams, and its hard to convice them into a fight where they have less than a 70% chance of winning.

    Over all if you want to find fun small gang pvp, it needs to be fast so you can tear down a pipe before peopel have time to figure out if they want to fight or not.


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