Tuesday 3 January 2012

The Agony Wiki Goes Public

Agony have maintained a wiki on our site for some time. In addition to containing some public information relating to our classes, this has essentially been used as an internal knowledgebase, containing guides on various aspects of PVP from tips for flying a particular gang type to how to configure your overview.

Given the small size of Agony as a corp, a lot of this information has gone unread and unedited, and it just feels like a little bit of a waste to keep it all locked up in there. For that reason, we've decided to make our wiki public.

You can find the wiki here.

Everything on there is publicly readable, and (providing you create an account) publicly editable too. We'd like to encourage people to use it, add to it, and help make it into a valuable public resource. On a personal level, I think it could be pretty cool if this were to become one of the go-to resources for information on PVP; it's definitely not there yet, but hopefully at the very least some of you find it useful.

Happy reading!


  1. Sweet, thank you Agony!

  2. Amazingly good news. One of the chief reasons I've always wanted to sign up for a class was to gain access to some of the wiki stuff, even though I'm already quite familiar with a lot of things.

    I'll throw a link to it up on my blog in the near future.


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