Sunday 7 April 2013

Tusker Frigate FFA 3

Following the success of our first two events, I'm happy to announce that the third Tusker Frigate FFA will be taking place on Saturday, 4th May from 18:00 to 24:00 Evetime.*

The rules for the event remain the same as Round #2, but we will be mixing things up with more "mini-events" occurring throughout the evening. The location for the event will be revealed 96 hours before the event starts.

A multitude of prizes will once again be available, ranging from Tech 1 Frigates to Faction Battleships, as well as a few oddballs thrown in there for good measure. As usual, the best prizes will only be reserved for younger characters (less than 1 year old).

You can find more information in our announcement thread - I hope to see you there!

In other news, RL has done a fairly serious number on both my Eve time and blogging time over the last month, and I expect that to continue for probably another month before I'm fully active again. For those of you waiting for the rest of the Retribution KYE articles, I apologise - I'll try to get them out as soon as I can, but can't make any promises.

In the meantime, I hear there's an election on?

*Updated from the 11th in order to not clash with the round 3 of the Syndicate Competitive League.


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