Thursday 23 June 2011

As It Was, So It Shall Be

Eve politics is an interesting thing. It seems that events have a way of just picking up momentum by themselves, and before you know it you're already looking back from a place that can be quite definitively labelled as 'not what I had in mind', wondering where exactly the turning point was.

That's how the North felt to us. When we originally moved to Venal we did so looking for good fights with a bit of strategy on the side. The DRF were only just beginning their attack on Geminate, and as far as we were concerned it was just Agony moving into an npc region to mess with the locals - par for the course. As the situation developed and the Northern War ran its course, we somehow found ourselves part of the biggest offensive coalition in eve, flying as grunts in the war against the NC. Even now, I couldn't honestly tell you how that happened.

With the NC fallen (which I have to admit, happened a lot sooner than I expected), it has become pretty clear to us that grinding sov for the new northern residents really isn't what we want from Eve - no brainer there. So, Agony is returning to what we do best - we've settled our affairs, made the short hop to npc Pure Blind, and reset all other parties. If the last week has been anything to go by, things are shaping up to be pretty good!

As part of this, I've also decided to return to Agony a little earlier than planned (I actually did this a while ago, but just haven't posted about it yet). I didn't really get to do all the things I'd been hoping to with my time off, but good opportunities lie ahead and I'd like to make sure they go as well as they potentially could. I'll probably put up a post in the near future discussing my experienced during this time (after, of course, the next installment of my Know Your Enemy series). For now... it's time to make some explosions again!

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  1. Glad to see things are going well for you in PB. Looking forward to the rest of your Know Your Enemy series as I've really been enjoying it. Keep up the good work.


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